“If you have the power to change your mind, you have the power to change your life”

Author Unknown

Years ago, I saw this phrase written on the chalkboard above the hot tub of my local community pool. I remember starting at these words written in white on the green slate board and trying to grasp exactly how it was that I was going to change my mind, as I knew for sure I wanted to change my life.

It wasn’t until I tried Hypnotherapy that I really and truly grasped this concept. You see, Hypnotherapy is unlike any other therapy as it allows both the subject and the practitioner to communicate directly with the subconscious mind.

Imagine if you could just step into your brain and toss out the old ideas that are no longer serving you and replace them with new concepts that will help you become the person you are meant to be?

Imagine what it would be like to finally find healing from the trauma of your past?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms there is hope for you because Hypnotherapy CAN help;

Negative Thinking, Low self Esteem, Feeling Blocked or Stuck, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Trauma from Abuse, Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Fertility, Grief, Guilt, Headaches, Insomnia, Memory Loss, Self-Confidence, Eating Disorders, Motivation, Obsessions, Compulsions, Chronic Conditions, Physical Pain, Fatigue, Panic Attacks, Procrastination, PTSD, Relationship Issues, Self-Sabotage, Stress Management, Weight Problems and much more….

What type of Hypnotherapy is right for me?

Here is a brief description of two commonly used techniques for healing in Hypnotherapy:

Regression Therapy

Regression Therapy is used to get to the root of an emotional issue or memory. In regression therapy, we will follow an emotion back to the route cause and do the healing work from that point on. Most often strong and persistent emotions have roots in childhood from age 0-5. If you have persistent feelings that come up for you that are strong and difficult to move out of regression therapy can help you. If you do not not feel connected to emotions and find that you instead have habits or behaviors that are troublesome please read the description for parts therapy.

Parts Therapy

Parts Therapy is the quickest and easiest way to get unstuck. Have you ever wanted to achieve a goal but for some reason, you just can seem to do it? Something always seems to stop you, or get in the way-to the point where it almost feels out of your control? Or maybe you have a bad habit? Or a negative belief that holds you back? If any of these sentences resonate with you; parts therapy can help.


Single Hypnotherapy Session: $200 (Online $180)

Past Life Regression: $250 (Online $230)

Hypnotherapy Package Deals

3 Session Package: $525 ($175 per session) (Online $155 per session)
4 Session Package: $600 ($150 per session) (Online $130 per session)
5 or More Session Package: $625 ($125-per session) (Online $100 per session)


Mediumship can be a lovely and meaningful way to communicate with those who have moved on. My intention as a medium is to validate the truth of eternal life, to be of service, and to provide healing & understanding to both those here in the physical world and those in the realm of spirit as well.

How does Mediumship Work?

Mediumship is a three way process involving the medium, the client and the spirit world. In a mediumship reading the medium’s job is to be the vessel for the spirit communicator and to bring forward evidence and messages for the sitter (client) from the spirit communicator.

What is evidence of Spirit?

Often the evidence provided will come in the form of personality traits, age, gender identity, information about where the spirit person may have lived or originated from, physical appearance or ailments experienced by the spirit while they were in the physical. Evidence may also include details related to their passing, relationship connections, pets, and or any other number of things that would communicate to the sitter that they do in fact have their loved one present.


Mediumship Readings: $100 (Online $80 )

Soul Journey Package

Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside, awakens.

-Carl Jung

Soul Journey Package

(Includes; 1 Regression, 1 Past Life Regression and one Lives between Lives Session).

Come to a deeper level of healing and understanding of your soul’s journey in this life. Often souls repeat the same patterns in their lives until the lesson has been fully understood. Ever notice how you seem to keep drawing the same lessons to you? Are you continuing to find yourself stuck in the same relationship patterns, or feel drawn to understand more about your
purpose for being here in the now?
Are you wondering if you are living your life in alignment with what you planned before this incarnation? Well, then, this package is for you.

1st Session- Regression-The Soul Healing

In this first session, we will follow an emotion or a memory back to the initial sensitizing event and do the healing work from the root cause. Most often strong and persistent emotions have roots in childhood from age 0-5. This emotion does not have to be negative. If you wish we can regress back to a happy time, however if you pick an emotion or memory that troubles you, at the very least you will understand it more than you already do – you will completely resolve it! If you do not feel connected to emotions and find that you would instead prefer to work on a habit, or behavior parts therapy may be substituted in the place of a regression in this package.

2nd Session-Past Life Regression- The Soul Understanding

A Past Life Regression Session is exactly what it sounds like. In this session, your Hypnotherapist will guide you back in time to a previous lifetime. Past life regressions can be for fun and exploration or be used as a tool to gain a deeper understanding or freedom from life issues, fears or phobias that seem to have no root in the current lifetime. Regardless of whether one chooses to explore a past life for curiosity and fun or to resolve a problem; there will always be some kind of healing and deeper awareness created as a result.

3rd Session- Lives between Lives- The Soul Awakening

What happens when we die? People have been seeking the answer to this question for all eternity. This session will offer you a glimpse into that reality. A moment of time experienced when your soul in in the nonphysical realm of spirit. In a lives between lives session you will have the opportunity to ask such questions as:

What is the purpose of all life, my life?
How can I change the behaviors and patterns that trouble me?
Why am I here?
What lessons am I learning in this life?
How are my relationships helping me grow, or holding me back?
Why can’t I heal from_________?

Before you enter your lives between lives session you will have the opportunity to choose the specific questions that you would like answers to. Then lay back, relax, and be guided into a beautiful space of divine light where you will gain a deeper understanding of your life and the true nature of your existence here now on earth.

Soul Journey Package: $500

Healing from Trauma and Abuse Package

Sometimes talk therapy cannot access the roots of trauma. Often traumatic memories are too painful to bring to the surface in our waking state, memory loss has encored, or we are just unable to release the words to heal the pain. Hypnotherapy allows one to be removed enough from the traumatic experience to be able to process it without the same emotional duress. Once the trauma is processed in Hypnotherapy the subject will no longer have the same negative emotional reaction when remembering the initial trauma. Therefore, the client is able to regain control of their life and move forward from the pain of the past.

Healing from Trauma and Abuse Package: $700 ($620 Online)

*up to 4 sessions- additional sessions at a reduced rate if necessary.