My Journey

My mission in this life is to bring deep healing on a soul level to all of those whom I am able work with.

Kristine Marsz

Hi my name is Kristine Marsz and I am a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Counselor, a Psychic Medium, and a Reiki Master.

My formal educational background includes Counselling and Social Work. My Metaphysical training includes a Masters in Usui Reiki, and a lifetime of cultivating my natural psychic and mediumistic skills with the aid of many cultural and spiritual teachers.

For over a decade I worked in Human Services striving to help people as holistically as possible, and always knowing that I was meant to do more. Working as a counsellor, I found that often I was unable to help people truly heal from their issues-even if both the client and I were somewhat aware of the source of the troubles. For whatever reason, be it memory or emotional vulnerability, it was always a challenge to access and heal from the root cause of a issue in talk therapy.

When I found Clinical Hypnotherapy, all of this changed. I began using Clinical Hypnotherapy in my Counselling sessions and for the first time in my career, I began to witness people healing quickly and effectively from their issues. Everything from nail biting to trauma and abuse-it was astounding!

So, after about eight months of using Clinical Hypnotherapy in my Counselling sessions I decided to walk away from my job as a Substance Use Counsellor and focus on Clinical Hypnotherapy and other Metaphysical Healing full time instead.

I have always found my intuitive skills immensely helpful in all of my previous jobs. However, up until I started integrating Clinical Hypnotherapy in my Counselling practice, I was limited on how I could use my Psychic skills. Now, I find that when I work, I really get to blend all of my education and abilities in a synchronistic healing practice.