Q) How many sessions will I need to solve my problem?
A) 1-6 depending on the severity of the issue.

Q) Why is it so expensive?
A) Talk therapy often can take years and never get the root of an issue. In Hypnotherapy, the issues you experience are usually completely resolved within six sessions-often less.

Q) Will I remember my session?
A) When you are in Hypnosis you are in a state similar to a deep meditation. You will be participating in the session and able to remember it when it is over.

Q) Can everyone be Hypnotized?
A) You will only be Hypnotized if you want to be hypnotized. If you want to be hypnotized, you will be.

Q) Will I say or do things that I do not want to say or do?
A) Your Hypnotherapist will not make you say or do anything that you do not want to. Furthermore, even in the deepest state of Hypnosis if you truly do not wish to answer a question-you will not.

Q) Can Hypnotherapy help me with my medical problem?
A) It is possible. At the very least Hypnotherapy will help you gain a deeper understanding of what ails you. At no point in time would it be advisable to use Hypnotherapy in place of a doctor’s advice. However, Hypnotherapy can help reduce and sometimes eliminate pain and other conditions depending on their origin and severity. Please feel free to write an email to me at: info@thesouljourney.ca describing your presenting condition for a more specific answer.